Baška Voda

Baška Voda is composed of these places: Bast, Baška Voda, Baško Polje, Bratuš Krvavica and Promajna.

Baška Voda moved in two major phases through history: during phase one of the Illyrians and Romans 1st to the 6th century, and phase two, during the time of the Croats since 1684th.

On the local beach of Gradine the remains of Roman settlements are still preserved. Apart from these excavations, you can still see the church of St. Lovro (1750 years) and St. Nicholas (1889 years), the beautiful Dalmatian examples of rural architecture, ethnographic museum and Shell Museum ...

The city began to develop faster, mid-18th century through the development of trade and fishing. Besides the beautiful nature you can find accommodation and service bite for best quality. Here is something for everyone. Luxury hotels, and a variety of private accommodation make Baška Voda, among other things an ideal place for a family holiday.


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